Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We are coming to you live from the 1940's!

I may have found the greatest thing since sliced bread. Old 40's radio recordings. I've been listening to old radio news and radio dramas, which are essentially what TV was before TV. It's amazing to hear these old news stories, or to hear these old dramas, airing for the first time again. To put in perspective how amazing the radio and the people were back then, keep in mind that very few Americans actually saw a picture of Hitler, they just had to make up an image of him in their head. The radio did such a good job of describing him, that most people had the same idea of what he looked like. Frighteningly enough, that was the same for our presidents too, very few saw their pictures.

They even have commercials in these broadcasts, which is amazing because they're either a commercial for a company that's been dead for years, a commercial advertising something 'new' thats very common or old these days, or a commercial for zeppelin ride vacations. Amazing pieces of history, captured and preserved. The commercials are so short as well, it's very content based programs.

At the beginning of many of these programs, there's a similar disclaimer where a broadcaster says something like "this program will be interrupted for any important invasion news flashes" Wow, just a completely different time, a different era. That was a daily thing, a normal thing to hear. Our war in Iraq is (if I'm not mistaken) the longest lasting war in our history, and I never heard anything remotely like that on TV, on the radio, anywhere. But you would get programs interrupted if any important things happened on the front lines. It was a different world, a more United States.

Maybe in a past life I was a mobster who died in the 40's, because I live for this stuff. The clothes, the cars, the styles, the way information was spread, the communities, the people. It's amazing that we somehow stopped living like that, stopped living such an incredible life.

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