Monday, April 29, 2013

Reason for living

Why do we wake up every morning, and roll out of bed? Why do we continue living when we will inevitably die? We wake up every morning with some reason for living. What is it?

Is it a desperate hope for becoming something someday, someone important ? A desperate hope in your subconscious for that? Perhaps. It's very possible.

Maybe it's an urge for creating something, a family, art, something new.

For children it's chasing pleasure. They live for the pleasure of fun and joy, and do all they can to avoid pain.

There's a million reasons people have for living. However at times I question what reason I have for living. Why do I live? Why am I continuing my life? What am I marching towards? This isn't my suicide note, but I often wonder why... Do I live to worship God? As noble as that is, certainly not. I'm no priest. I love God, I'd die on the cross with Jesus given the opportunity, however my life certainly doesn't reflect the will of God. Not always at least. Then am I like a child, simply trying to avoid pain and get as much pleasure out of this life? Through whatever means possible? No, that's not my reason for living. I don't wake up and say "lets get laid!" Or "I'll get up so I can eat!" Or anything of the sorts. No, pleasure isn't my reason for living. Is it for my family? Sadly no. My friends? No. I don't like most of them. Is it for my lady friend? That's very possible. When I wake up, she's one of the first things I think about. If she is my reason for living, then how did I live before I met her? I think she's my reason for living now- I live to see her smile and enjoy her company. As cheesy as that sounds, everything else seems just like waiting. =/ But before that before I met her, what was my reason for living? For awhile it was pleasure... In fact I think it was always about pleasure or knowledge. I lived for the pleasure of jokes and feeling, and avoided the pains of mockery and heartbreak. I supplemented it with ideas, thoughts, lectures... That was my reason for living then, pleasure and knowledge. Now it's my girl, being with her and making her life better. Thank goodness I could figure this all out...

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