Thursday, April 18, 2013

Theater Life

Today is the day! Today is opening night for the play I'm in, Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare. It's a lovely play, I've really enjoyed the experience. I have minor rolls, but it's still fun. Sure I've had my moments where I've gone "I'm never doing this again! Ever! I am so stupid for even thinking this would be fun!" Actually, I've had many of those moments. But I'll try and keep with it. Theater is pretty fun, there's not really anywhere else you can actually have input and an impact on something larger like that.

Also I'm putting on a play next week for some grade schoolers. They have an author coming to their school, so we adapted a play from one of her books. It's going to be great!

Hopefully everything goes well with all of this. I'm super stressed just watching my girly person muddle through everything. She's stressed from being a Prop Head in the play, not to mention everything else going on in her life. I hate to see her like this but... I can't come up with anything to help. I'm powerless.

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