Friday, April 5, 2013

Adrift in Unfamiliar Waters

It's one of those weird days where I'm not tired, but I'm not awake either. I'm not really here right now, my mind is just kind of lost, lost in the sea of possibilities and the what ifs in life. Just deeply questioning how much an instant can mean, and what it's effects are, short and long term. How many of these instants are there in a day that we don't notice? I'm in a deep, almost depressed mood because of thoughts like these. It's kind of interesting, because along with all of this deep lostness, I am also rather irritable today for no good reason.

I'm really wondering why, and I really hope it's not because I'm coming off one of the greatest natural highs in my life. I really really hope it's just a mood and not me coming off a natural high of affection and love. Because if this is the end result of affection, I'd rather stay away from it entirely. I fear that's what this feeling is, me crashing, but maybe it's just a mood that will be gone after I spend some time at The Well, our little downtown coffee shop.

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