Monday, March 31, 2014

Understanding of God?

Our Sunday school teacher posed an interesting question that got me thinking. What if we truly understood God? This was in the context of the trinity but it got me thinking. My answer to him would be that we would likely use it against him, that we would tear down God. Because think about two things- God has made a lot if decisions, many people won't agree with them all and will seek vengeance or even will go after God when they find out their own religion is false. If we understood God completely, we could replicate his powers of creation and destruction- we would in fact be gods ourselves and could use powers identical to his own to destroy him. Now, thought two. We would have that kind of power, what would stop God from killing every last one of us before we turned on him? I know my teacher would have pointed to the bible and said "this proves he loves us, he wouldn't." Ah, but to reference kill bill... The textbooks are written by the zebras for the zebras... History is written by those in charge for those in charge. Why wouldn't the bible- an incredible historical and some of the most evident proof of Gods power- be written by God for God? Theologists and even the bible say that the bible was written perfectly by God through his disciples. God wrote it. If he were a zebra writing for zebras, then he may not love us in fact. It tears apart his image, which would lead one to believe that he could turn on us if the playing field were leveled.

If we truly understood God, there would be conflict and decimation that the universe- that existence has never seen or perceived as possible. It would be a war of Gods. Men with unimaginable power lashing out at each other and at their creator with unheard of weapons of destruction and maddening creation. It would be like giving a caveman a shotgun and a lifetime of ammo- the leading cause of death in humans and animals would be death by shotgun from that point on. Or if you gave Romans nukes- the power would be unimaginably great and they'd decimate the world because they don't understand how to use that power responsibly. Giving humans a finite understanding of the inner-workings of God would be giving them his power, something unimaginable that we are not prepared or educated for. We would destroy everything. Literally.

Perhaps a select few would survive the carnage and death of God and billions of human gods, and perhaps those few would have learned enough to start over and rebuild the universe- one where this can never happen again. Funnily enough, if you think about it this could have happened before. Those remaining few gods would eventually argue, struggle, and strafe over the new universe and potential followers that live in it. Still being human they would eventually kill each other until there was only one left- a God. Said God would start anew, wash away the blood and destruction of an existence ruined by the fighting of billions of Gods. The slate/existence would be wiped clean and bang- or should I say Big Bang. The God creates a fresh universe to sculpt and create in, vowing to stop such a thing from happening again. He creates humans in his image, instructs them, but they inevitably turn away from him. In human rage he floods their realm saving only a few... And thousands of years later when his human creations fully understand him... Well, you get the story.

I should either write a book or get more sleep. Exact opposites on the spectrum, I understand but...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Doorknobs and headphones. Who knew it was a deadly combination. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Well it's been awhile. Finals week is coming up and it's got me on edge, I'll be honest. Thankfully I have my wonderful girlfriend to keep me on track, and a fish tank or two that occupy and relax me in my free time. I've gotten a bunch of new plants for my fish tanks- like legit leafy ones. 

Here's the little tank. Poor photo I know, and it looks a mess too. Over the next couple weeks I'll be taking pictures to track it's progress.  The grass looking stuff in the front are "micro swords" which should end up being like a wavy grass that covers all of the ground by the end of the month. Right now I have 2 clumps of that in the tiny tank and one in the big. The long thing in the back is Sunset Hygro, which is illegal to ship/sell across almost every state line, as it's such a hardy and evasive plant. It has been released into the wild on occasions and has been known to choke out all life in entire lakes by taking up every last inch of space and blocking out the sun when it reaches the surface. I have one in the little tank, and the floating piece in the top left is in my big tank now. This stuff should be great, I actually have a bunch of plans for it once it gets big. This stuff grows like crazy, so you have to cut it back. Well, the cuttings off the plant will take root and start brand new plants, making it very easy to grow. So, I'm going to give some of it to my mom for a cool fish tank idea she has, and I'm actually going to be able to sell some of it back to the place I bought it. Since it can't cross state lines, the plant must be bought locally. The fish store I bought it from only has the stuff because the owner has been growing it in his personal aquarium for years, and he sells the trimmings. Ok, and the last thing in the picture is the java fern on the far right. It's tied to this ornament right now, and once it attached itself to the ornament, I'll put it in the big tank. This one cannot be burried, as it's roots are pretty much useless. It absorbs nutrients from it's leaves actually. I've always loved the stuff and can't wait to have it in the big tank.

Now back to my other joy. My girlfriend. Gosh, I can't get over every aspect of her. She is like a fall out boy song, to which the lyrics escape me. "Better wit, a hotter fuck than any other girl you'll ever meet baby you've got me?" Something like that. We haven't fucked but damn, her kisses are phenomenal. And I simply adore everything that comes out of her mouth. Ok, I don't adore all of it when she's yelling at me, only half of it. What, she's a little cute when she's mad. And a whole lot of intimidating too. =P she's funny, she's smart, she's ambitious, she's loving to those who've earned the blessing of her love, she's trustworthy beyond others, she's knowledagable, gives good advice, a great storyteller, responsible, has dignity, is a 90s grunge girl, she's simply divine to look at- amazing blonde hair, dark eyes, cute freckles, cuter smile on a smoking hot face, hot body with curves like no body's business, and pretty sexy legs if I have any say in things. She's perfect. Minus her figure, she's everything I could ever want to be and more. She's someone who loves me that I can trust beyond any shadow of a doubt. She's there for me, and I'm there for her- although I've been leaning on her more lately. Honestly she's the best thing that could have happened to me. I'm so glad to have her, who knows where I would be if she never was.

Finals. I need to get through this.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I sometimes wish I was brave enough for self harm...