Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Day

Well here I am, another day goes by. I've exercised, watched another episode of a show that my girlfriend turned me on to (its called Big Women. I'm lying, its called Awake, and its really good) and now i'm going to do some research on orbits and flight patterns. maybe some math on weight to thrust and how much air pressure and altitude can effect rockets. Im a nerd for Kerbal Space Program right now.

Ok, side tracking this post real quick- I almost landed a craft on the Mun! I was within feet, twice! But no, something had to fuck it up! Like I broke my landing gear just before I touched down, then the whole thing just blew up. So much work and math and effort went to waste, I cant even... I have two destroyed piles of rubble on the Mun, and, just... Ugh...

Anyways, after I do some Kerbal research, maybe I'll get bored and read some of my summer homework, then maybe I'll come up with some romantic stuff. I have one chocolate rose left to give to the most beautiful girl I know, I had better make it good. Something that will change her day around and make her forget about all the problems in life. We'll see, I'm most certainly not going to force it, but I'm in a creative and romantic mood today. So chances are good that I'll have an "Aha!" moment today, weather that be for homework or for showing off that I'm a sexy beast.

I love that girl. I just want to hug her and squeeze her and oh dear this is getting romantic and cute. Look away.

In other news, a guy friend of mine has been kind of a woman lately. I don't mean hes a transvestite or is getting man boobs or anything, just hes been so insecure. Normally hes a little insecure but really, this is just... Look theres more secure windows in the world. Its bad... I try to help him but when something doesnt  go his way lately he throws a little tantrum. I couldnt spend the night at his place last night and he threw a little tantrum and went on and on about how we would never have another chance to hang out this whole summer, ever ever ever. It was kind of sad to see. But I talked him down off that ledge and assured him we would in fact get to see each other again, as we have still a month left of summer.

Thats depressing, only a month left. Then back to the grind. On that sad note, I'll wrap up this post. Later people.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Coffee mugs

I found a bunch of amazing/funny coffee mugs and I had to share. Thought about getting one for my girlfriend, but I think I've already gotten her the perfect coffee cup. Unless she wants a bigger version of hers... Anyways, enjoy! All these mugs can be found online.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rusty Keys

My grandpa collected a bunch of keys before he died. I believe he owned a junkyard when he was younger. I'm not sure because he died when I was very young, so I never got to know him. Today my grandma gave me all his keys that he collected. I've loved these things for years, and I think my grandma has been filling out her will recently... So she gave them to me. She knew I'd enjoy them more than her, so she gave them to me. I'm amazed. I really hope my grandpa Andy is ok with me having them now that he's gone, I never knew him well so I'm not sure if he would approve. But, ill just take good care of these rusty things and hope and pray he approves. Well, here are the keys.
I have no idea how many there are, but I'm going to count one of these days. Almost every key on there is to some kind of American made car or American lock, all from the 50's-80's it looks like by things stamped on the keys. There's a few I really liked that I took off the key ring, but other than them I left the keys in the exact order.
A cool old Ford key.
Another Ford key, but this one is a D. I'm wondering if there's an O and an R out there somewhere and he was trying to collect them.
Another old Ford key. This one had some cool paint on it at one point, and still has some interesting stamped designs. I like it.

The twisted key. Many of the keys have interesting bends, scratches, or bullet hole-like things, but none are twisted quite like this. I may never know the story on this key. Perhaps the ignition was stuck and force was used. Perhaps he did it with a clamp one night for fun. Perhaps it was crushed by something. I may never know.

The picture can't quite capture the cool of this key. There's many cool old skeleton keys that look like they should be in a pirate movie or something, but this tiny little key was made for something delicate. Perhaps a music box or a jewelry box. I will never know, but it got me wondering so I kept it. It's in decent shape too, which is surprising. This key didn't rust at all.

Anyways, there's the keys. I'll give you guys an accurate count of how many there are someday! For now, this is goodnight.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orbiting the Mun

At last, we are orbiting the Mun. I have a shuttle orbiting the moon in Kerbal Space Program now, which is amazing to me. I was able to use Earths orbit to slingshot myself to the moon, and slow down enough to be pulled into the Muns orbit. I love it, I did it. Mission successful. I have enough fuel to land the ship onto the moon, however Id rather keep it in orbit. As a sort of trophy. Anyways, I feel pretty accomplished.

Breakfast for Dinner

We are having breakfast for dinner tonight as a family. We NEVER have a family dinner where we all sit down at the same table. But we did tonight. So I asked my mom right before dinner if this was an intervention of some sort. Like what did she find out or does dad have some bad habit I don't know about? But nope, we just had dinner. We had it because usually Sunday mornings we eat breakfast as a family, but because of my dads work schedule we can't anymore. So we are having dinner as a family instead I guess. Still eating breakfast foods, just at dinner time. Still no steaks for breakfast in the morning, but whatever.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Operation Sky High

I've downloaded and have been playing a very cool simulator- Kerbal Space Program. This is a spaceship simulator in all reality. You build your own spaceship, pilot it, and try and get your ships into space and do operations there. Theres real world physics working against your ship, and theres real world forces pushing your shuttle. The physics of it are pretty realistic. I've gotten many ships outside the atmosphere, but alas they've all come plummeting down. I launched a mission of my own- Operation Sky High, where I tried to get a shuttle into orbit around the planet. After many... Ok i won't sugar coat it- massive fuck ups where things blew up or there wasn't enough fuel or parts failed or... Other disastrous things happened... After all that, I did it. I got a shuttle into orbit, and the poor bastard inside that shuttle is staying up there because I refuse to take down my accomplishment. Its amazing, I put this guy into orbit. I built a shuttle and managed to get it into space, then burned before the apoapsis to increase my orbits diameter. Before I burned the shuttle had a trajectory where it peaked miles above the launchpad, then would begin to fall and would inevitably slam back down to the planet below. But because I timed things right and sped the shuttle up at the right time, I increased the orbits diameter and got the shuttle into a full orbit. I love it! I feel pretty accomplished. =)

The Ap on the left is the apoapsis, (Highest point, furthest from the planet) and the Pe on the right is the periapsis. (Lowest point, closest to planet) Theres a gray little satellite in between the two, and thats the shuttle with the poor astronaut in it. Lenden Kerman, welcome to your new home/orbit, you are not coming down.

Next stop, the moon.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mushy Mush Stuff.

Ok, I'm in a really teen mood. The whole I love you so much, I'll never leave you, mushy mush stuff kind of mood. It's pretty fantastic actually. =)

How strange

Wow! Normally I don't get more than 10 page views a day, but today I've gotten over 260! Whats going on? I don't know but I sure do like it!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Advice For Future Reference

Things are so great right now that I don't need to use this advice... However its a good idea to know this for the future.

Odd perspective

I'm on a rock, flying around a ball of fire at a ridiculous speed, while being ripped around a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy at even greater speeds, all the while waiting for a beautiful girl to travel in a car at 25 mph to get to my house. Odd perspective, but I've got a date.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Only a real leader would take the death of a teenager, and use it as a vehicle to push his own political agenda forward. You believe that Trayvon was attacking Mr Zimmerman correct? He was fully mounted and beating him to death according to the courts. If you believe that, then Mr Zimmerman would be dead and in the ground right now if it weren't for guns and his right to protect himself. Now tell me, do you really want to take away our defense, our guns, our right? Even if guns become illegal, people will still get ahold of them. Drugs are illegal, and you're a liar if you say its hard to get ahold of them. If Zimmerman didn't have a gun, he would be dead. Is that what you would want instead? Another man dead and Trayvon alive in jail? Would that be much better? Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Trayvon would have beat Zimmerman to death- he would have killed him without a gun. People kill people. So really, are guns the problem here? Or are people? Perhaps the problem should be approached from a different angle. A social angle, something to get rid of the problem violence and murder, not protection.

I am tired of seeing things like this, politicians climbing over dead bodies so that they can yell down from the top and tell us how they'll use the dead as a way to push their own opinions and ideas onto you. All hail the commander and chief everybody. All hail.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heart Attack

I just about had a heart attack. My laptop was filling up fast, so I pulled all of my pictures off of it and put them on a brand new 32 GB flashdrive. So, I pulled all of my pictures from high school so far off of my safe computer onto a new device. It was 5.14 GB, so a lot. It took over a half hour to transfer all the files, and once it was done I checked the flashdrive and saw all the pictures were there. Great! So I deleted all the pictures off my computer, ejected the flashdrive, and started cleaning up other things. I got rid of about 15GB of just junk, so I freed up a bunch of space. I did a disk cleanup and deleted all the temporary files, trash, and other junk. I uninstalled a few things, and I went on my marry way. Anyways, I wanted to see if everything worked with the flashdrive now, so I plugged it back in. Empty. It was empty. All of my pictures, all of my beloved reminders of memories with friends, all of these ideas, gone. In a second, it all turned to dust. And I had just gotten rid of my temporary files, so I couldnt just paste all the pictures back into the flashdrive. They were gone. So I freaked out, tried a million different things and eventually considered a system restore. I played with the flashdrive for a bit, and eventually it said "This driver is no longer connected to the computer" Thats odd I thought. So I pulled the flashdrive out, kissed it, said a little prayer, plugged it back in, and opened it back up. It had all of my pictures on it. I was so relieved... The only thing I can figure is when I plugged it back in, it didnt sync up right and it never was really on the computer. Long story short, everything is ok, and I just wasted some time youll never get back. So ha, jokes on you.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th and so on

Well, things have been great.

My relationship with my girl is fantastic, but sadly I won't get to see her for a few weeks due to work. =/ thank goodness for texting.

My 4th of July was pretty great. It was the last time I saw my girlfriend. I was at her house for a few hours, then I was forced to come back to my house for fireworks. It was a sad goodbye, but all goodbyes are. As soon as I got home I hated everything. My girlfriend was gone, there were stupid drunk men everywhere, as well as stupid kids. Really it was hard to tell the two apart- men and children. I hated everything for most of the night. Eventually I took my rage out by blowing up several high explosives. Thank Christ for those.

Since then I've been trying to occupy my mind and not think of my girlfriend. I've done pretty well, I've caught up with some old friends and rented a video game. Still have summer homework to do as well...

All in all, things are ok as of late. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I feel like I'm fault wrong in faith. Lord help me.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Well, I caught a frog yesterday. I spent some money and made him a great little home with everything he would need. I did research to find exactly what he likes and needed. Yesterday he escaped his tank once but I found him quickly. I sealed his tank better and then went to bed. This morning he wasnt in his cage. The resourceful bastard found some other way out. We found him this morning dead outside another room. He managed to get outside my room somehow, which perplexes me. It's sad, I really wanted this to work out.