Thursday, June 27, 2013

WoW timeline.

Collectively, people have played about 50 billion hours of World of Warcraft. (Stat from 2012, and approx 300,000 hours are collectively played a day) That's approximately 5.9 million years if you add every hour up. Understand that on an evolutionary timeline, the first human like mammal was established at about 6.5-6 million years ago. What...?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Future Implications.

There's certain things that I wonder how will this effect belief and God?

If someday we create something that gives us immortality, that allows us to life forever somehow- by changing bodies when we get old or just staying forever young... If someday this happens, what will that do to God? Well, faith in him. If people will never die, they don't ever have to fear hell or judgement. If there's no diseases or STDs or anything of the sort, sexual sins will be rampant. However if you couldn't kill anyone, then there would be no more murder. Sins there may decline. Regardless, if we live forever, I believe that people will stop worshiping God. Immorality would destroy faith.

Now, if we discover aliens or they discover us, that would really hurt faith. And if these beings have a faith or don't, it will hurt our faith. All religions could be torn down from a first contact with another race.

There's all sorts of things like this I wonder how they'll effect world faith. It's an interesting thought process.


Well, things are pretty ok.

I'm finally official with my girl. I am now her boyfriend, the keeper of the... Her name. =) She's old enough, I had the talk with her dad and got his approval, and I asked her out. I asked her out first, and she turned me down comically. To which I replied with "That's ok, you have cooties anyways." Later she jokingly pointed out we still weren't dating, so I asked her out again and she said yes. Then our church friends have us congrats and cards and such in a joking way. The problem is now, I can't spend as much time with her. Her parents, her dad especially, is cracking down on our time together. They're doing it to protect us from each other, to keep us from getting carried away and to keep us self dependent and having a healthy relationship. But I feel like we can handle both of those things ourselves, and giving us less time together will make us miss each other and create lust. We will get through this, but it's a bump in the road. A nuisance.

Now on other fronts things aren't do great. My dad told me he would be better off single, and the reason him and my mom don't divorce is for my little sisters. That hurts. He said it so casually too while me and him drove alone in the car to the coast. It's been haunting me. It's made me realize certain actions and things they involve themselves in arent for us, but they're in preparation for custody someday. I don't think they'll divorce anytime soon, but they're marriage is not sound. It makes sense. I never believed they had a good relationship, never, but this is more than if like to know. I'd rather hear fuck stories or walk in on them or something, anything but this. At least in those two other things they're intimate.

Also I'm so torn up inside from my thoughts and actions as of late. I hurt my little sister with an instinctive kick. She punched me in the groin when I was coming down the stairs as she was going up, and I instinctively kicked her. It hurt her. And when I did it I was so happy and ok with it. But that's wrong! I enjoyed it, even for a second. I'm thoroughly convinced now that I'm a horrible person deep down. On the surface I'm a good guy, but I know the sins I've committed and I know the wrongs I've rejoiced over. I'm just bad at my core and it's slowly getting out and taking over. I hate myself in the process. There's a million reasons why. My parents "it's never enough" attitude towards me alone, my sins, the stress of knowing about my parents and not doing anything, my lack of a job, my hate towards others, letting down friends, my fear of not knowing me, so many things at my core... I hate me. I really do.

My girlfriend called me after I texted her a rant about how I'm not a good person and how I'm a sinful bundle of a person waiting to hurt everyone... I lied to her and told her I was fine. I think that was a mistake. But I really didn't want to get into it and argue against myself. I don't want her to see this pathetic weak side of me. I don't want her to pity me or play the boo hoo poor Colton game. Her ex did that all the time for attention. I want no relation to him, I don't want the thought to cross her mind that I could be like him. I'm not. I won't hurt her like he did. I'm better than him and I won't play that game, I'll man up and take care of my own stupid teenage self esteem problems.

I'm truly convinced that I'm going to hurt everyone around me at some point. Through my own stupid fault, like betraying someone or not helping them or who knows what... Or maybe I'll get so realistic that I'll take myself out of the equation. I don't think I'll do that, it will hurt those I love. And even when friends and girlfriends fade, I'll still have people that it would hurt. So that's not an option, I'm trying not to hurt them. It's one of my reasons for living. But at least if i did I'd be burning in hell where I belong.

Aside from being in my head too much and self esteem issues, life's great. I wish I had a job, but yard work will keep me busy. Keep my mind off things. God will help me through this and maybe someone like me can be redeemed. Can be saved. Anyways, toss a few upcoming tuna trips in and that's an update on me.

Goodnight everyone. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Christian Movies

The Rebel of Babylon, Jesus Christ. Seriously, with marketing like that Christianity would be much more wide spread. =P imagine the movies that Christianity could create with good marketing. 
"Ark: Rebirth"
"The Rebel of Babylon"
"The Ark of the Covenant"
"Eden: The Fall"
"Birth of His People"
"Flames of the Spirit"

Seriously. I'd watch half those movies based on the title alone. Someone needs to get on this.


I've been laying in my bed for the last hour listening to music trying to find the right song to truly wake up to and to get dressed to. No success yet. Maybe Psy will do it for me.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm annotating in a summer homework book, it's rather amusing.

"How do you get to recognize these? Same way you get to Carnegie Hall. Practice."

My annotation? "Or a ticket to a show and a taxi. Keep it simple professor."

I think I'm going to like this.
Sunrise from the sea. I took this as we went out fishing yesterday.
A friend of mine wrote this and played guitar, hoping to get him more cash... I have a bad taste in friends.
I finally found one of these pictures that describes my girlfriend and I's relationship, our whole history summed up briefly in one of these usually crappy things.
Fascinating... Now if only we could unite..
Prepare yourself!
Stunning work.
What a lovely bookshelf!
The world from a new perspective. Everything is just perspective, and the world looks like this in a different perspective. An upside down one. Or a right side up one.
Video games have come a long long ways... Thankfully.
God bless.

Theres always a reason to stay calm and to keep moving forward.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Blender Glass

Hey guys! So I made up some cool vases in Blender before I went to do chores today. So, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blender Mugs

So, I've been doing a bit of work with pottery in Blender in my free time. Because why would I spend time with my gorgeous girlfriend? Pssh, physical attraction... Anyways, here was me playing with a mug I made really quick.

Lighting Test

Lighting Test

Lighting Test
Silvery mug, testing light.

Silvery mug, testing light.

A regular old orange mug. Because why not?

Copper like coloring
Gold texture, using a different texture than the copper mug. I am not happy with this gold.

Glass Texture

Green glass, because its bad ass.

A purple bad ass mug.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed these tests. Expect more cool blender things from me soon!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Political Madness

The recent political scandals are rather maddening. Honestly, is just love it if Anonymous just hacked into the government and showed the world EVERYTHING. All the emails, all the tax files, all the crimes and corruption. They need to show the world, they need to be a saving light here. I hope and pray that the political figures in Washington get things together, stop the lies, and so what's best for us. If they don't, then I pray God gives us some divine intervention and exposes all the lies, showing these men and women as who they really are.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The kids movie froze on an odd face.

I want to build this in blender this summer.
I am going to start doing this from now on!
We built a fence around our soon-to-be garden
A cool old car I saw a few times on my walks home.
A soap bubble filled with CO2 gas made from dry ice. I'll miss chemistry.
Vampires everywhere have been ruined.
I had an amazing day with my girl... And her mom left us alone for hours on the beach... When she came back she saw us cuddled up, with my head resting on my girlfriends. I imagine that was a lovely moment for a mom, to see her daughter in a cute healthy relationship like that.
Lottle lottle lottle lottle lottle!