Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What's the difference between lying and imagining? Are fiction authors stories just lies that earn them cash? Does that make them evil or creative?

Where do we draw the line between following the Bible to the letter, and living a 21st century life? Should we stone gays? Adulteresses? It tells us to, but obviously we can't in this age. So where do we draw that line?

Should we trust people? Should we become solitary? Trusting people leaves you exposed and vulnerable, easy to destroy. So why would you ever give someone the opportunity to hurt you? But at the same time, we are social creatures. We need to talk, communicate, and develop relationships with others. It's in our nature. So which way is right?

Is murder wrong? What about killing evil people like terrorists? Is murdering a murderer bad? It's still killing someone, why would it be different?

Why do people hurt each other?

Why would someone kill themselves, and leave everyone they know behind? Leave them to clean up after their selfish actions? Why?

Is acting on stage lying?

What is love? A chemical reaction? Compassion? Memories soaked in emotion and wrapped tight around dreams? Love is a good thing, but why is it good? Where is the line between love and infatuation? Not just with lovers, but with friends and family. What, where, why..?

So many questions. I have to ask myself what God thinks. He is the judge, not us. With some luck and the Holy Spirit, I should find all of my answers.

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