Friday, September 27, 2013

Suicide Scare in Math

So, I think I scared my math teacher today. It's a hard math class, and most of the people joke about suicide pacts when no one understands. It's almost a greeting at this point it's so common. Just as well, recently I've been talking to a few Mormon friends looking at different world views. It's rather interesting to see another outlook on Christianity, even though I don't share in some of their beliefs. Now, after class I come up to Mr Rosey and ask what his religious view is on suicide. We have a brief chat about it, it's what I expected, but as we finish up my math teacher comes over and greets me with a fake smile, and assures me that she can help me before or after school tomorrow, she would even skip lunch to help me with my short comings. The problem is, I don't believe she has another way to teach it, let alone one that would help me understand. Anyhow, I think she thought I was suicidal or something, she must have overheard us talking and assumed our suicide pacts were real. I admire her concern, but it was still a bit funny to me how she suddenly jumped to my rescue...

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