Sunday, September 22, 2013

Culture idea

We love in an interesting culture, a very flawed one because of two major things. Yes thee are many more but these are two major walks we have built between each other.

1. Lack of sharing. Imagine all the tools people have. I know several people who have their own table saws and what not. Everyone has a drill it seems like. Here in this town, quite a few people have their pen tractors. Their own fishing poles. Their own guns. All these industrious things are owned by one person. We have so many duplicates of things that usually sit unused. If say we bad a building in towns everywhere that just provided equipment for free, a sharing system, there would be less tools and what not in everyone's houses and more use out of existing tools. Big community buildings for sharing tools, libraries that are focused more on community, single buildings used for feeding whole towns. A tight knit community. Something like this would eliminate kitchens in houses, and so many other things that can be provided by everyone. However, it can only work on a small scale sadly. However a community based on sharing everything would be interesting.

2. Money. Money has caused strife and fighting for ages. Without values for things and having a communist like level of sharing in a community, things would be easy. Imagine not one family working to provide for themselves, but a community constantly building itself up. Building new buildings to provide for the growing community because they need it, not because they can afford it. Building things in a community not based off money, but based off materials available to an area. I would love to see thisinsane amazing   community.

However, this can never exist. Corruption and greed will destroy any hope of it. Communism looks good on paper, and what I'm proposing is actually quite similar to communism. But as we know, that doesn't work well...

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