Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hipster Theory

So, not too long ago we had these people called hipsters. They were completely counter culture and did what made them happy when they wanted. Fun quirky odd people. But as time went on, people saw these hipsters and decided it was the new trend. Now the counter culture is the culture. Everyone is a hipster, so no one is. There was a super villain in the incredibles that tried to make everyone super so no one would be- this is a similar idea. There are sadly very few genuine hipsters In the sea of hipsters now. The real hipsters should be businessmen in theory. Now a days, there are very few hipsters, but people strive towards this idea of a hipster. They started looking and working towards these quirky people, now they work towards this idea of the counter culture manipulated by, and into, the culture. It's an interesting to me.

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