Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alone in the World

Being completely and totally alone is an intriguing idea to me. When someone says "could you be alone" referencing dating relationships, I would like to say no. I'm not that independent sadly, I need a partner to help me face this world, the others in it. I need someone. However, if I was completely alone, every last man woman and child on the planet just turned to ashes, I could do that. The persecution and prying eyes of the people around me scares me more than the natural world itself. I need someone with me, someone to give me a glimmer of acceptance in this social culture. I really need that desperately sometimes. However if that social culture is gone, that burden is no longer laid on me, then I'm free and happy. I could live in a world completely alone, never to utter another word again. To walk a landscape that's being reborn and recovering from the plague of humans. It's a beautiful thought. A fictional one, but we all need our own little worlds sometimes.

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