Friday, August 30, 2013

Immortal Slayer

So, this is a silly idea that I've had before and it pops up from time to time. What if we could kill a god? If say we as humans developed some device that could slay God and Satan indiscriminately, would we use it, and what would it do to our reality? As we have learned from sci fi robot movies, the creation always tries to kill the creator. So why not us at some point?

If somehow we developed a way to kill God and Satan, would everything cease to be if we used it? Or if God died first, would so much hate and sin and evil flood the world that it'd simply be destroyed? Or if Satan died first, would Gods love and peace flood the world and cause people to stop their murder of their creator? Or, would we even be able to use such a device, or would God prevent people from using it? Would such a weapon have to destroy every particle in existence to kill God, as he's in everything?

What would killing these immortal beings do to Heaven and Hell? Would they both just become a nameless fire? Or would they just go dark and cease to be? And what of the souls existing in each? And what of the dead to come, is oblivion their destiny then?

I have no fantasy that at some point we could create such a weapon. A weapon to kill such an immortal. Impossible. But an interesting idea. I like that God lives, however I could do without this Satan fellow. Regardless, some interesting food for thought. Junk food but food all the same. Om nom nom.

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