Saturday, August 24, 2013

Breakfast rant

You know, I think hash browns are the most bitchin breakfast food. It's a kind of potato that it's totally ok to drown in syrup. I mean you can't do that with French fries at McDonalds, people would look at you like you're insane. But hash browns, totally ok. In fact, it's encouraged. I think it's the only veggie where it's ok to do that as well. It's just an amazing breakfast food.

Another thing about breakfast is you can drink whatever you want. Milk, orange juice, coffee, water- even soda if you're daring. At dinner it's just odd to drink coffee milk or orange juice. Those are breakfast things. But at dinner you almost always have water or soda, at restaurants at least. Never have I been at Red Robbins for dinner and had orange juice or milk. It's just an odd social thing.

Also amazing about breakfast, it's a treat at any other time of day. Breakfast for dinner is a rare delicious treat, again proving breakfast Is the best meal. You rarely have dinner for breakfast, except sometimes leftover pizza. Never have I woken up and eaten a steak. But I've sat down at dinner and had a waffle. And lunch is so insignificant that sometimes you just have a late breakfast, and that breakfast is so amazing that you decide that a lunch would just be a let down, so you don't eat again till dinner.

Breakfast is the best meal, by far.

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