Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Day

Well here I am, another day goes by. I've exercised, watched another episode of a show that my girlfriend turned me on to (its called Big Women. I'm lying, its called Awake, and its really good) and now i'm going to do some research on orbits and flight patterns. maybe some math on weight to thrust and how much air pressure and altitude can effect rockets. Im a nerd for Kerbal Space Program right now.

Ok, side tracking this post real quick- I almost landed a craft on the Mun! I was within feet, twice! But no, something had to fuck it up! Like I broke my landing gear just before I touched down, then the whole thing just blew up. So much work and math and effort went to waste, I cant even... I have two destroyed piles of rubble on the Mun, and, just... Ugh...

Anyways, after I do some Kerbal research, maybe I'll get bored and read some of my summer homework, then maybe I'll come up with some romantic stuff. I have one chocolate rose left to give to the most beautiful girl I know, I had better make it good. Something that will change her day around and make her forget about all the problems in life. We'll see, I'm most certainly not going to force it, but I'm in a creative and romantic mood today. So chances are good that I'll have an "Aha!" moment today, weather that be for homework or for showing off that I'm a sexy beast.

I love that girl. I just want to hug her and squeeze her and oh dear this is getting romantic and cute. Look away.

In other news, a guy friend of mine has been kind of a woman lately. I don't mean hes a transvestite or is getting man boobs or anything, just hes been so insecure. Normally hes a little insecure but really, this is just... Look theres more secure windows in the world. Its bad... I try to help him but when something doesnt  go his way lately he throws a little tantrum. I couldnt spend the night at his place last night and he threw a little tantrum and went on and on about how we would never have another chance to hang out this whole summer, ever ever ever. It was kind of sad to see. But I talked him down off that ledge and assured him we would in fact get to see each other again, as we have still a month left of summer.

Thats depressing, only a month left. Then back to the grind. On that sad note, I'll wrap up this post. Later people.

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