Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th and so on

Well, things have been great.

My relationship with my girl is fantastic, but sadly I won't get to see her for a few weeks due to work. =/ thank goodness for texting.

My 4th of July was pretty great. It was the last time I saw my girlfriend. I was at her house for a few hours, then I was forced to come back to my house for fireworks. It was a sad goodbye, but all goodbyes are. As soon as I got home I hated everything. My girlfriend was gone, there were stupid drunk men everywhere, as well as stupid kids. Really it was hard to tell the two apart- men and children. I hated everything for most of the night. Eventually I took my rage out by blowing up several high explosives. Thank Christ for those.

Since then I've been trying to occupy my mind and not think of my girlfriend. I've done pretty well, I've caught up with some old friends and rented a video game. Still have summer homework to do as well...

All in all, things are ok as of late. 

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