Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Rusty Keys

My grandpa collected a bunch of keys before he died. I believe he owned a junkyard when he was younger. I'm not sure because he died when I was very young, so I never got to know him. Today my grandma gave me all his keys that he collected. I've loved these things for years, and I think my grandma has been filling out her will recently... So she gave them to me. She knew I'd enjoy them more than her, so she gave them to me. I'm amazed. I really hope my grandpa Andy is ok with me having them now that he's gone, I never knew him well so I'm not sure if he would approve. But, ill just take good care of these rusty things and hope and pray he approves. Well, here are the keys.
I have no idea how many there are, but I'm going to count one of these days. Almost every key on there is to some kind of American made car or American lock, all from the 50's-80's it looks like by things stamped on the keys. There's a few I really liked that I took off the key ring, but other than them I left the keys in the exact order.
A cool old Ford key.
Another Ford key, but this one is a D. I'm wondering if there's an O and an R out there somewhere and he was trying to collect them.
Another old Ford key. This one had some cool paint on it at one point, and still has some interesting stamped designs. I like it.

The twisted key. Many of the keys have interesting bends, scratches, or bullet hole-like things, but none are twisted quite like this. I may never know the story on this key. Perhaps the ignition was stuck and force was used. Perhaps he did it with a clamp one night for fun. Perhaps it was crushed by something. I may never know.

The picture can't quite capture the cool of this key. There's many cool old skeleton keys that look like they should be in a pirate movie or something, but this tiny little key was made for something delicate. Perhaps a music box or a jewelry box. I will never know, but it got me wondering so I kept it. It's in decent shape too, which is surprising. This key didn't rust at all.

Anyways, there's the keys. I'll give you guys an accurate count of how many there are someday! For now, this is goodnight.

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