Saturday, July 20, 2013

Operation Sky High

I've downloaded and have been playing a very cool simulator- Kerbal Space Program. This is a spaceship simulator in all reality. You build your own spaceship, pilot it, and try and get your ships into space and do operations there. Theres real world physics working against your ship, and theres real world forces pushing your shuttle. The physics of it are pretty realistic. I've gotten many ships outside the atmosphere, but alas they've all come plummeting down. I launched a mission of my own- Operation Sky High, where I tried to get a shuttle into orbit around the planet. After many... Ok i won't sugar coat it- massive fuck ups where things blew up or there wasn't enough fuel or parts failed or... Other disastrous things happened... After all that, I did it. I got a shuttle into orbit, and the poor bastard inside that shuttle is staying up there because I refuse to take down my accomplishment. Its amazing, I put this guy into orbit. I built a shuttle and managed to get it into space, then burned before the apoapsis to increase my orbits diameter. Before I burned the shuttle had a trajectory where it peaked miles above the launchpad, then would begin to fall and would inevitably slam back down to the planet below. But because I timed things right and sped the shuttle up at the right time, I increased the orbits diameter and got the shuttle into a full orbit. I love it! I feel pretty accomplished. =)

The Ap on the left is the apoapsis, (Highest point, furthest from the planet) and the Pe on the right is the periapsis. (Lowest point, closest to planet) Theres a gray little satellite in between the two, and thats the shuttle with the poor astronaut in it. Lenden Kerman, welcome to your new home/orbit, you are not coming down.

Next stop, the moon.

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