Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heart Attack

I just about had a heart attack. My laptop was filling up fast, so I pulled all of my pictures off of it and put them on a brand new 32 GB flashdrive. So, I pulled all of my pictures from high school so far off of my safe computer onto a new device. It was 5.14 GB, so a lot. It took over a half hour to transfer all the files, and once it was done I checked the flashdrive and saw all the pictures were there. Great! So I deleted all the pictures off my computer, ejected the flashdrive, and started cleaning up other things. I got rid of about 15GB of just junk, so I freed up a bunch of space. I did a disk cleanup and deleted all the temporary files, trash, and other junk. I uninstalled a few things, and I went on my marry way. Anyways, I wanted to see if everything worked with the flashdrive now, so I plugged it back in. Empty. It was empty. All of my pictures, all of my beloved reminders of memories with friends, all of these ideas, gone. In a second, it all turned to dust. And I had just gotten rid of my temporary files, so I couldnt just paste all the pictures back into the flashdrive. They were gone. So I freaked out, tried a million different things and eventually considered a system restore. I played with the flashdrive for a bit, and eventually it said "This driver is no longer connected to the computer" Thats odd I thought. So I pulled the flashdrive out, kissed it, said a little prayer, plugged it back in, and opened it back up. It had all of my pictures on it. I was so relieved... The only thing I can figure is when I plugged it back in, it didnt sync up right and it never was really on the computer. Long story short, everything is ok, and I just wasted some time youll never get back. So ha, jokes on you.

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