Sunday, October 13, 2013

Music- Boom goes the bass

Boom boom boom goes the bass. The louder it is the quieter the rest of the world gets, and the less you’re here and the more you’re there. You embody the feelings in the songs, you live it somehow. It’s an interesting mechanism; I could stay up all night playing with the idea. I mean really, simply hearing something changes your mood and your attitude, it breathes new ideas and memories you didn’t live into you. Music man. And not the musical either. Simply the feeling of music changes things, the way it feels as it presses air waves against your body and soul. It feels. Physically, spiritually, chemically. You can feel it touch your ears and play with them, or feel the bass press on your body, vibrating your blood. You could also have spiritual ties to it, be it in a church or a club. It feels, it unlocks things in you that were never there. It’s the party, it’s the congregation. It’s a spiritual feeling. Freedom as you turn it up and leave this world for just a moment. It even releases chemicals, puts you into a euphoric state of bliss. Music. Sounds. Memories. Life. Incredible.

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