Thursday, December 5, 2013

Comforting Myself With A Rant

Well, barring road clogging snow from the heavens or a school shooting, I'll have an AP English test tomorrow. I'm dreading it. It's another chance to show that I haven't improved, that my teacher still doesn't like my writing. Today I had math, and while more confidence boosting than usual, it still didn't bring a sense of self worth. It's never been my strong suit, but at least I'm holding steady in there. English on the other hand has been my strong suit until now. All my life teachers have gawked over my writing and speeches. Until now. It's as if I was nearing the end of a marathon, and someone suddenly pulled up a steel bar across the road that dropped me on my back. Now I'm being trampled and crushed, and success has become impossible. What once was will never be.

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