Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Tomorrow is my girls birthday! The love letter is written, and I'm ready for bed to try and speed through the night!

I'm not going overboard for a change, in fact I may be under-doing it. (Because under-doing is certainly a word) I'm only giving her a love note, and 16 kisses. We never kiss, we've made it off limits till we can actually date, and it'll be rare even when we do date. So tomorrow, with any lucky, I can give her 16 kisses from me. Something she never gets, and something only I can give her.

Also, I'm giving her all my time. Any second she wants or needs me inside or outside school I'm hers. She always says I don't have to get her things, all she wants is me, so I'm giving her just that. Me.

I'm not being a total cheapskate either, she's having a birthday party Saturday and I'm giving her gifts then too. Inside jokes and fun things. =) But for now, I hope she accepts the 16 kiss idea so I can give her a birthday to remember. =)

She liked the kisses. Maybe more than I did. =) It was a birthday to remember she says, so mission accomplished. =)

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