Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Church

No church this Sunday... I miss it. My girlfriend's family takes me to church every Sunday, but this Sunday they're out on a sort of family retreat. So I can't get to church. The few churches here and town that I can or could have gotten to have very... Interesting reputations, and I'd like to stay in the CRC denominations if at all possible. Unfortunately, there are none here in town. The CRC church we go to is in another town actually, a bit of a drive but it's worth it.

I love those people there. Everyone at that church is warm and inviting, I just wish I could find things to talk about with them, or an excuse to talk to the Elders about anything at all. I wish I could sit down at the table where all of the older people are, and be able to listen to the stories of their life. To hear about their grand adventures, to see and know when and how God changed their life... I love hearing those things. I need to get the courage to have these wonderful people stroll down memory lane for me. If love to make friends with other teenagers too, but I don't really like them as much to be perfectly honest. Teenagers are usually either locked up inside themselves, or full of themselves. Either way, they bore me. Yes there are a select few that aren't like that, and I like to call those select few my friends. Regardless, I wish I could be there at the church today. On the bright side, I can watch the sermon later tonight on YouTube. They record them and put them online every Sunday, I really appreciate it.

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