Friday, May 24, 2013

Catching up

I feel bad. It's almost been 10 days since my last post. I need to utilize my anonymity here and spill my heart more!

Life has been on the up and up lately. Aside from finals coming up and those people related to me, life is a never ending paradise.

My relationship with my girl is right where I want it, bordering on too physical. We've been very mature, we aren't all over each other, (which is highly unusual for teenagers!) we chat about everything, and we discuss issues openly and honestly. Just short of perfect. I ought to become closer with her friends, but it'll be a painful process I'm afraid. They aren't terrible people, but it'll be tough for two reasons. 1. I dont think they like me much. Even if they do, they don't get my jokes and hate it when I poke fun at things. I feel like a major 3rd wheel, and usually sit there silent. 2. I haven't spent time with people in ages. I cut all ties with my "friends" recently and it has proved to be a wise decision. I still have a few friends, but I don't eat with them. Instead I go find a quiet place in the rain. A safe haven from the burdens of people. A sanctuary of solitude. It's so peaceful and wonderful, not having to wade through the bullshit of it all. But because of my new found solitude, I am increasingly disliking people more and more. It seems harder to communicate as I shut myself out from the world. I suppose we will soon see the repercussions of my actions taken to become a loner.

Finals are soon, and realistically I should be studying now. Finals are 20% of your grade. If I do well in math, I pass. If I don't, I fail. I'm in a place with my grade where the final will make a massive difference. For other classes, it's not as dire, but doing well would be fantastic.

Recently I downloaded the kindle app to my phone and synced up with my mothers Amazon account. This means I got all her books, and I downloaded a bunch of books myself. R.C Sproul, my favorite Christian author had an entire free book series, and I got it all. It's amazing and it's been keeping me busy for awhile now. Just as well I need to start reading "the fault in our stars," a book which my lady friend says is incredible, and my mother agrees. It's a cultural renaissance for me at the moment. Along with amazing amounts of literature, there has been art coming in at all angles. From the art places in the school, such as inkblot, the art magazine the school publishes, from my girly person and her art or sketches, and from movies or digital places. Art seems to be everywhere these days. And I also need to memorize two monologues from plays for my theater final, which adds even more art and culture to my life.

Life has been wonderful lately, I hope to share all of the fun stories that happen in the coming days with you guys soon.

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